Gardening in Small Spaces

Are you living in an area that has a very small backyard?  Are you missing the beauty of a well landscaped yard due to limited space?  No need to be disappointed.  You can still enjoy the beauty of a colorful and charming garden by incorporating dwarf and miniature trees to your landscape design.  Dwarf trees are so very much loved because they can provide 12 months of color, beautiful texture and interest to your garden with very little maintenance.  These small and slow-growing trees remain in scale with an undersize environment, but have all the same attributes of the larger ones.  By choosing the correct trees, a dull and wasted space can be transformed into the yard of your dreams.  A dwarf conifer will grow between 1 to 6 inches per year while a miniature will grow less than 1 inch per year.  These trees are strong in character and do not change much over time.  Perennials or annuals can be used to add color during the spring or summer to further enhance the richness of your garden.  

I especially love the Dwart Alberta Spruce'Jeans Dilly'.  Its fine green needles give off a Christmas tree scent.  This upright narrow tree is perfect for miniature gardens and rock gardens.  

Another favorite is a Cumulus Sawara Cypress.  Its the cutest little evergreen shrub with tiny blue-green needle-like foliage.  It adds a soft texture to small garden spaces.

AND...No miniature garden is complete without the additions of the unique Primo Arborvitae and Thoweil Hinoki Cypress.  

Dwarf conifers are the solution to small areas that are longing to be "spruced up". (no pun intended).  

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