Holiday Potted Gift Trees

What a wonderful time of the year and the holidays  are just around the corner.  Tis the season for giving!  And you want to give a gift that is a fun and festive gift for this holiday season.  You don't want just an ordinary gift but one that will live on and that is why you choose a Holiday Potted Gift Tree.  You know you are giving a gift that won't ever have to be exchanged at the store because it doesn't fit or it is not the right size or color.  You are giving a gift that is everlasting.    Make your loved one smile with Glee this Christmas and spread some holiday cheer with Holiday Potted Gift Trees from Tree Gifts Forever.

No reason for space constraint to prevent one from enjoying a decorated Holiday Christmas tree.  Giving miniature Christmas trees as gifts has become so popular. Our precious dwarf and miniature trees resemble Christmas trees and even give off that fragrant evergreen Christmas tree scent!  Dwarf Alberta Spruce "Jeans Dilly" and Compressa Common Juniper make magical table top Christmas trees. They are slow growing conifers and are approximately 10 inches tall from top of soil.  

 Our medium size trees such as Blue Wonder Blue Spruce, Austrian Pine, Serbian Spruce and Norway Spruce are approximately 25-30 inches tall to use as decorated Christmas trees or as office Christmas décor.

With online shopping at ordering is made easy even for last minute holiday shopping.  Our Holiday Potted Gift Trees are  potted in festive containers or beautifully wrapped in burlap ready to be freshly shipped.  With potted trees, rather than buying it right after Thanksgiving, it is best  to wait until Christmas is nearly here so that you can enjoy it for a week or so and then get to replanting it or storing it if the ground is frozen. 

Potted trees can only spend a relatively short amount of time indoors, approximately  7 to 10 days until they begin to adjust to the interior temperature.  If ground is frozen, you can repot into a larger pot and store it in a sunlit unheated garage or shed and don't forget to water when soil is dry.  This keeps the tree from loosing the hardiness needed to brave the elements once it is replanted. In the spring, you can plant the tree outdoors in the ground or plant it in a large container to be forever enjoyed long after the holiday is gone!  


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