RETURNS:  Gift trees and Plants 

All our orders on Tree Gifts Forever ship via USP Ground and they should arrive within 5 -7 days, depending on your zone.  They are shipped from our facility within 1 to 2 days.  We only ship the healthiest trees and plants and we guarantee that they will arrive that way.  Upon arrival, they need proper care to acclimate to their new environments.  Purchasing trees and plants out of your growing zone or soil type are NOT included in this guarantee.  If you are not satisfied within the first 5 days of receiving your tree, please email us at or call 315-982-0709, so that we can remedy the situation.  If you feel the need to return the tree for a replacement, you may do so but, you will be responsible for all shipping and handling cost and the new replacement will be sent once we receive the original tree/plant back. 


You can cancel your order prior to shipment.  However, if your gift is out for delivery,  we will be unable to cancel your order.


In the fall through early spring, most leaf-bearing trees go semi-dormant or dormant.  They may have browning of leaves, fewer leaves or no leaves, but they are completely healthy.  "I'm NOT dead, I'm DORMANT'" While the tree is dormant above ground,  the roots are hard at work preparing for the springtime.  Its roots still seek out water and tend to extend further, creating a stronger base for your future mature tree.  Keeping your tree watered is vital to keeping it alive during this time.  Make sure the soil is staying wet if you are not planning on planting the tree in the ground right away.  If your plant is dormant at the time of delivery, we will replace this item if it does not emerge from dormancy by June 1st. Please submit a photo to for verification. 


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