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Birthday Norway Spruce Gift Tree

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Every year Rockefeller Center plants the biggest and most beautiful Christmas tree that they can find - and you guessed it…. it is the Norway Spruce !  It takes as little as three years for the Norway spruce to reach Christmas tree height!!  It is one of the most popular Christmas trees in the country because of its natural pyramidal shape and its green color. 

It features dark green needles that are roughly ½–1" in length and yields light brown, stiffly scaled, 4–6" cones.  If given sufficient room to grow, it will easily grow to over 100 feet tall and  40 feet wide.  It is NOT a tree for small yards!!  Its dense branches and fiberous deep spreading root system enable this tree to withstand winds 100 miles per hour or more.   It makes a sturdy and beautiful privacy tree, windbreaker and accent tree, especially at Christmas time.

Wildlife will flock to this tree as it provides a safe haven for song birds, owls and other wildlife.  The Norway Spruce is sure to add interest and beauty to your landscape.


BOTANICAL NAME:  Picea abies


GROWTH:  50 TO 80 feet high. 20-40 feet spread


SOIL TYPE:  Widely adaptable

ACTUAL SIZE:  25 inches tall from top of container