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Canadian Hemlock Gift Tree

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Canadian Hemlock is considered the most graceful of all evergreens.  Soft feathery layers of foliage makes it an excellent ornamental specimen to add charm and beauty to your landscape.  They look their best with lower branches left on touching the ground.  

Hemlock is a favorite for privacy screens and hedges because of its  graceful appearance and ability to be sheared to any height or shape.  They yield an abundance of small brown cones that hang from the branches and keeps its foliage year-round.  These are fragrant plants that releases an aroma when crushing its needles.

This tree grows at a slow to medium rate, with height increases from 12 " to 24" per year.  It can handle full sun and full shade, but prefers a site where it can receive both sun and shade. The Canadian hemlock grows in​ acidic, loamy, moist, sandy and well-drained soils.


SCIENTIFIC NAME:  Tsuga canadensis.

COMMON NAME:  Canadian Hemlock, Eastern Hemlock  

FAMILY:  Pinaceae


USES:  Ornamental tree, bonsai, hedge, shade tree

HEIGHT:   40 to 70 feet

SIZE TO SHIP:  4 inches from top of container

SPREAD:   25-35 feet at maturity

Can't ship to:  AK,AZ,HI,ME,MI,NH,OH,VT,WI 

ACTUAL SIZE:   Approximate 12-24 inches from top of soil