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Meyer Lemon Tree

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Meyer Lemon's fragrant flowers and bright yellow citrus fruits make the Meyer Lemon Tree a must-have house plant and popular addition to your home decor! For best results, in the Spring, move your potted plant outdoors into full sun when the threat of frost is past. Bring it back indoors, in the Fall before the frost season begins. As Meyer Lemon Trees mature, they will bear more quantities of fruit. The fruits are green when they are growing, but after several months and some tender love and care, they turn a vivid yellow when ripe. Make sure your fruit is ripe before picking. You know it is time when the fruit is yellow and soft to the touch.

Trees are approximately 1-1.5' tall.

Cannot ship to:  AZ, CA, FL, GA, LA, or TX

Care Instructions:
Citrus trees will adapt well to growing container provided.
All citrus trees require at least 6 hours of sunlight per day,
Fertilize regularly with high nitrogen formula 5-3-3 ratio.
Water thoroughly while letting the surface soil dry between waterings. Do not overwater.
Prune by pitching back the tips of new growth toward the interior branches. Remove any new growth or stems near the soil.
As the tree grows, transplant to large well-draining container if needed. Citrus are self-pollinating varieties indooors and outdoors.