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Hostess Gift Cumulus Sawara Cypress Gift Tree

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This globe shaped conifer comes planted in a wooden box embellished with a red and black checked ribbon and pine cone. Perfect for a hostess holiday gift.

Tufts of needle-like foliage give this rounded, light blue conifer an airy texture. Named for a look that resembles puffy clouds, 'Cumulus' stays small without pruning and offers reliable color and softness to small garden spaces. Grow in rich, well-drained soil in full sun, where foliage will be denser, or in part shade where foliage will be fluffier. Particularly useful for container, rock or trough gardens and other limited sites. The "Cumulus" Sawara Cypress is a rare, dwarf variety that gets its name from the "cloud-like" tufts of foliage

SUNLIGHT:  Full Sun to Part Sun
GROWTH HABIT:  Globe Shaped
GROWTH RATE:   1-3" per year
GARDEN SIZE:    1.5'H x 1.5'W