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Italian Humor Air Plant Holder

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Display your wood and wire air plant holder with some Italian Humor!!!
One side of holder says: "I'm Italian. We don't call cops, we call family" and the back side says: "capeesh".

This holder is ready to ship with a Tillandsia ionantha ruba air plant!!! Air plant sits in a black twisted aluminum wire on top of a basswood base and finished with a clear glossy sealer. Holder is approximately 5 1/2 inches tall by 4 inches wide.

Tillandsia ionantha ruba air plant fits perfectly into this holder. As this plant grows, it changes shades of green, yellow and red which will deepen as the plant matures. When in bloom, they turn a beautiful reddish pink color with a purple flower. In time, the air plant will create "pups" which you can remove, giving you more air plants to enjoy. So easy to care for and NO soil required. No fuss and NO MESS!

WATER: Once a week. Totally submerge your plant in room temperature water for 30 minutes. Gentle shake out excess water and place your air plant back on its container to admire.

NATIVE HABITAT: Central America

Air plant is approximately 2 inches.