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Mother's Day Rhode Island Red Japanese Maple - Acer palmatum

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Mom will absolutely LOVE this tree!   This stunning dwarf tree has very dense compact branching,  and a unique bushy sphere-shaped form.  The leaves of this variety start off bright red in the spring and and then darken to a deeper purple in the summer.    In the fall,  the foliage changes to a vibrant orange to red, and when the leaves do fall, the compact structure along with hard red stems add interest to the winter landscape.   This slow growing deciduous tree matures to 6' tall x 6' wide in 10 years.

 If you are looking for a tree to add brilliant color and pizazz to your landscape, this is the tree for you!!  Nana will love it too!!

Growth rate:  3-6" per year

Garden size:  6' H x 6' W

Cold Hardiness:  -20 to -10 degrees F. Zones:  5-9

Sunlight:  Sun to Partial Shade

This tree is planted in a 3 gallon container and is 2 Feet tall from top of container.