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Navel Orange Tree

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You will LOVE your Navel orange tree.  This evergreen tree has nice green foliage, fragrant flowers, and delicious healthy fruit. Navel Orange trees are easy to grow and require only minimal maintenance once they are established. It is drought tolerant and pest and disease resistant. You only need one Navel Orange tree to grow plenty of fruit since cross-pollination is not necessary for citrus trees to produce fruit. 

This delicious citrus fruit provides vitamins, minerals, benefits the immune system and can promote heart and digestive health.

Navel Orange trees grow in USDA growing zone 8 and up and can be grown as a patio plant in cooler climates. For those living in the north, they will make great house plants.  For best results in the spring move your potted citrus outdoors into full sun.  When the threat of frost is past, bring it back indoors in the Fall before the frost season begins.

All citrus plants require 6 hours of sunlight per day. Fertile regularly with high nitrogen formula 5-3-3 ratio.  Water thoroughly while letting the surface soil dry between waterings.  Do not over water. 

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